+ Responsable espace Uni-vers-photos, Nice (depuis 2013 )
+ Conseiller en accompagnement/développement personnel (depuis 2006)
+ Responsable chargé communication galeries d' art contemporain, Espace Helenbeck et Galerie Depardieu , Nice (2001-2006) 

+ Formation workshops/stages en photographie argentique et numérique, Nice (2012-2017)

+ Exposition Visions de Monaco , Uni-vers-photos (2019) - Nice
+ Exposition Visions de Nice , Uni-vers-photos (2015), Maizon (2016) - Nice
+ Exposition Portrait Astres " En Suspension " , Uni-vers-photos (2015)
+ Exposition Portrait Ames / Salon Art Tentation - Citadelle de Villefranche/Mer (2015)
+ Exposition Portrait Ames / Espace municipal - Saint Jean Cap Ferrat (2015)
+ Exposition Portrait Ames / Salon de la Photo , Mouans Sartoux (2013)
+ Lauréat du concours - création numérique- 2012- Photo Magazine (2012)
+ Premières expositions lieux atypiques Museaav - Atelier 17- Atelier Tsade (2012-2014)

+ Master en médiation culturelle de l'art , Université Marseille (2005)
+ 3ème cycle en gestion des ressources humaines, Institut Gestion sociale - Levallois Perret ( 1991/92)

‘’ I have always wondered why I have been drawn to photography and spirituality, especially knowing that I come from a business-orientated background. I discovered that my maternal grandfather was the official photographer to King Hassan II of Morocco and that my paternal grandfather was a Rabbi and respected spiritual guide, as a result of doing genealogical research… I have a strong awareness of my roots, my identity and my deepest aspirations. My consciousness of these ancestral roots led me to make a radical change in my life at the age of 35. I started studying cultural art meditation and became interested in spirituality, as well as teaching myself various esoteric disciplines (especially astrology). My first publications and exhibitions have now given me a strong sense of meaning in life. Soul perspective is to share my photos and incite others through intimacy, invisibility and importance. ‘’ Wyl

Wyl who lives and works on the Riviera, creates art centred around astrology and mediumship, in order to deviate esoteric practices into the contemporary art field. Wyl offers to transcribe his feelings, flashes and experienced visions, following séances with his models or through his numerous travels into a digital language. He proposes to capture customised cosmic universes built on the interaction between stars and beings by means of photography and new technology. The artist creates portraits known as Paraphotographs, which are estorically interpreted by a journey through space and time.

Wyl’s interest in Eastern and Western astrology enables him to reveal the unseen, the energy and the vibrations both of places and people. The artist uses spirituality and this fusion of energies to probe the unconscious to bring back to memory an astral representation of a previous life, fused with love, sexuality and karmic encounters.

Wyl transcends reality through his photographic creation diluting love and stars into timeless architecture and infinite places. The artist’s travels enable him to enrich his artistic work, which focuses on the physical, sexual, mental and energetic, subtly balancing between material and spiritual, as well as, visible and invisible. Accordingly, his work is associated with body gestures, heritage, contemporary architecture and urban places, all of which embody timeless love.

The artist’s creations refer to the history of erotic art, to mythology, to the symbols of the astrological signs to put into question the individual’s spiritual dimension. He is greatly influenced by paintings, sculptures and prints evoking links between spirituality and sexuality. Several philosphies, such as Taoism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Tantra and the Kama Sutra are united.